So rather unfortunately this save game has been corrupted and I can’t salvage it. Maybe a miracle will happen in the future, but for the time being this Legacy is going to be discontinued.

I will be posting up an update letting everyone know the conclusion of this legacy at a later date.


If you want to keep reading my work, I do have two other legacies and I’m working on creating a third I also have another Catch all blog that is currently under construction, but I will post on here when I have created that third legacy and the Catch all blog. I’m sure some of your favorite characters will be showing up there.


So if you want to check them out, Grimm’s Legacy, feel free to skip Emma’s generation and pick up at Symphony’s. Emma’s is mainly text and has a time skip due to a corrupt file as well.

Cutie Mark Crusades┬áis still a baby and has much growing to do, but I do promise if you check it out here in the next few chapters it’s going to have a growth spurt and could use some much needed help.



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